Visible Governance Campaign

ESGA is supporting the NGA Visible Governance in Schools campaign to champion the positive difference good governance makes to schools and trusts.

This Spring, we are joining the campaign to highlight our contribution to the education system, how we do this and why we do this.

The aim is to raise the profile and understanding of governance, and further improve outcomes for children and their communities.

Launched by the NGA in 2020, the campaign continues to share ideas, promote activities and resources to celebrate the impact of governance and encourage more people to sign up to be governors or trustees. 

To support this campaign in Essex, we aim to publish your stories to bust myths and showcase how you made a difference to your school community. If you have a story to tell around any of the five topics outlined below, do contact us and we will get in touch:

  1. Myth-busting: You need a background in education to be a governor. Have you joined a governing body with a skillset that's been invaluable to your board and yet you have no experience in education? Tell us more. 
  2. Alumni networks: Re-joining your school as a governor. Has your board harnessed its alumni community to encourage past students to improve outcomes for future generations of students? Tell us more. 
  3. Being clear about what the job is. Have you overcome misconceptions about governance roles in innovative ways to solve recruitment or stakeholder challenges? 
  4. Transferable skills - Have you used the skills gained in governance at work or advanced your professional career as a result? 
  5. Have your effective governance practices had a measurable positive impact on outcomes for young people?